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Our certified staff are on hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist residents with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, grooming, and managing medications. Senior assurance for quality care with personalized attention, dignity, respect and warm caring closeness of Filipino traditions compassionate care for the one we love.

We are equipped with an emergency power plan approved by the state for Hurricanes and other weather conditions. 

All of our facilities are equipped with handicap equipment to help resident move with ease.


I was just cleaning out my old address book and saw my grandma Stefie’s address from 2010-2012. I wanted to thank you so much for taking care of her the last few years and Howard, too. It was comforting to have them in your personal care.

- Lara

It was such a pleasure meeting you, your wonderful family and staff. Ken and I want to thank you for your hospitality when we visited in January. Geneva could not be in a better place or in better hands. We are grateful for all you do. You all are a blessing to so many, you are one in a million.

May God bless you all and protect you always.

- Ken & Marty Morgan

I was finally able to view the 2 CD’s you all have made for my family, we will always treasure these and are so grateful to you for making them for us. God has blessed you with this talent and was amazed how beautiful they were.

Thank You and God Bless You!

- Lyn, Pam, & Kim

Bobbie and I want to “THANK YOU” and your staff for everything you have done over the years to care for Geneva and to make her last years comfortable. We really appreciate all you have done!

And a special “Thank You” to Bella for keeping Geneva entertained.

- Bobbie & Ken

I want to thank you all for the wonderful love you gave to my grandmother, Mary Louise, she raved about the care she received from all of you and felt loved and safe. Thank you for all that you’ve done!

- Joyce

Dear Manila Home Care, and all of those who have taken such good care of my brother, Cecil! I live in Pennsylvania, and this is the first time I came to Florida and enjoyed to visit the home on Landis Avenue. I feel so fortunate that he is in good hands and likes all of you. I too feel so good about the care. If anything happens to me, I will leave Pennsylvania and come to Florida for Manila Home Care!

Thank you again for all the love you have for Cecil! Bless you all!!

- Jo Ann

My grandmother was a resident at Manila Home Care Inc. for over two years, and I cannot say enough about the exceptional treatment that she received during that time.

When it no longer became possible for me to care for my grandmother, then 95, in my home, I agonized over the decision to place her in an assisted living facility. Most that I looked at seemed impersonal and institutional, and seemed like they would be too large and overwhelming to navigate for an elderly woman with some memory problems and difficulty ambulating. Then I heard about Manila Home Care Inc. from a therapist who was working with my grandmother at the time and decided to take a look.

I immediately saw the difference in Manila Home Care! I knew that the small, residential, family-like setting would be perfect for my grandmother. No long, confusing corridors, nurse bells to ring, or long waits for assistance with dressing or using the bathroom. Donna made us feel welcomed and we were immediately impressed with the level of care and attendance to the residents’ needs within their facilities.

For the two years that my grandmother was a resident, she was treated with the utmost dignity, respect and caring. Her needs were always anticipated and met promptly, and she was well groomed, clean and fresh smelling every single day. As someone with a health care background and experience with elderly care facilities, I can attest to how remarkable this alone is! Manila Home Care Inc. takes pride in their facilities, and in treating their residents like they are their own family.

We will miss the Flordeliz family and staff but we will always be grateful for the care and compassion shown my grandmother during her time there!

- Barbara Molnar

Deepest appreciation for your sincere understanding and loving care during the past year – July 16, 2013 – July 15, 2014. You have helped me fulfill my dreams of being able to return to my home.

I will never forget you all and I leave my love to you both and all your sweet family. My best wishes always.

- Doris Miller